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  • 24 december 2014
    Infrastructure projects influence economy
    The Analytical Center conducted a roundtable "Realization of infrastructural projects in macroeconomic shock conditions: problems and prospects of metallurgical industry". Experts discussed metal products of infrastructural use pricing criteria and practices on their implementation in stability, possible adaptation and negative effects reduction mechanisms.
  • 23 december 2014
    Crisis tamps down territorial development disparity
    Experts of the Analytical Center made a report “Types of Russia’s regions: stability and shifts in 2003-2013”
  • 22 december 2014
    Analytical Center coached proposals on parallel imports legalization order
    The expert discussion on “Legalization of parallel imports: allocation criteria and procedures on legalization of international exhaustion mode” took place in the Analytical Center on November 13. The main topic for discussion was the one on Operating procedures of parallel imports legalization initiated by FAS alongside with previously developed regulatory legal acts which provide for the Russian Federation transition to international principle of exhaustion of trade marks.
  • 15 december 2014
    Open data subject is the key one in Russia’s informatization policy
    “The Analytical Center has held events on open data and the open data portal. Today we are going to focus on the reason why open data is needed, delve into the matter of economic viability and the effect which its implementation caused” said the Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Vasily Pushkin leading off the conference “Implementation and use of open data for economic development: Russian and foreign practices".
  • 12 december 2014
    Managing companies should be interested in full repairs
    The Analytical Center together with IFC conducted a roundtable “Possibilities and limitations of fund raising by managing companies for full repairs financing”.
  • 12 december 2014
    Slowdown of global economic growth challenges gas consumption dynamics
    "In June 2014 a Federal Law "On strategic planning in the Russian Federation " was passed, and it defined a great many in the structure and objectives of the very documents we will discuss today", said the RAS member Alexey Makarov, opening a discussion on “Development of gas sector in Russia in strategic planning documents " within the international forum "Gas of Russia 2014".
  • 12 december 2014
    Experts analyzed state subsidies in G-20 energy sector
    The Analytical Center is publishing a book “Energy subsidies today. The Group of Twenty countries”, which describes practices of state support provision for G-20 countries’ Fuel and Energy Complex sectors. These countries policies in the sphere of energy subsidy assistance is also significant for Russia’s foreign policy – one of the major exporters of energy resources, and for global energy development trends estimation (in 2003 nearly 80% of the worlds’ GDP fall to the G-20 countries' share)
  • 11 december 2014
    Russia is the third biggest producer and consumer of energy resources worldwide
    The expert of the Analytical Center Alexander Golyashev presented the Analytical Center's preliminary work results on Russian and global liquid fuel markets development prospects during the 9th strategic congress Oil Terminal 2014.
  • 10 december 2014
    “Budget for citizens” is more open now
    The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation completed the refinement of the “Budget for citizens” document for 2015 and planning period 2016-2017.
  • 9 december 2014
    Expert: suggested reform of heat market is inconsistent and unreasoned
    "At the moment the Analytical Center is working on refining and efficiency upgrading in cities' heat and energy supply systems", said the expert of the Analytical Center Evgeny Gasho during the roundtable "Heat supply in Russia - time of changes" which took place in Yekaterinburg in early December.