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  • 15 september 2014
    Implementation practices of project management in the public sector have been discussed at the Forum in Voronezh
    A Forum on project management of the regional public authorities was held during 12-13 September in Voronezh and was supported by the Analytical Center and the Government of the Voronezh Region.
  • 15 september 2014
    Russian innovators will be asked about the efficiency of supporting measures taken by the state
    The Analytical Center with the assistance of federal executive authorities, institutions and business partners will make an on-line poll: “Efficiency of state support measures in the sphere of innovations” during the period of 15-30 September, 2014. It is planned to make inquiries in different regions and industries among several thousands of commercial and non commercial innovation organizations which had or are going to have the state support for innovative activity.
  • 11 september 2014
    Greenhouse gases: coordinated climate policy and Energy Strategy needed
    A roundtable “Implementation of government initiatives of greenhouse gases emission abatement in strategic plans of energy complex development” took place in the Analytical Center.

  • 10 september 2014
    How can unregulated fishing in the Central Arctic region be prevented?
    A roundtable “On the concept of economic policy of the Government of the Russian Federation regarding the activation of the fishing exploration by non-Arctic states, in the Central Arctic region which is formed of 200 mile economic zones belonging exclusively to Russia, the USA, Canada, Denmark and Norway” was held in the Analytical Center.

  • 9 september 2014
    How can one form consolidated list of energy-efficient objects?
    The Analytical Center together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation held a roundtable “Updating the list of energy efficient buildings and technologies, and development of proposals for the unification of tax incentives methods” as a part of their joint work on developing energy saving and energy efficiency norms.
  • 9 september 2014
    Cloud services to become alternative to public information systems
    ‘In the situation of cutting budgets on acquisition and support of information technologies the move to cloud services providing implementation of the basic functions of the authorities can become an actual alternative to public information systems requiring long individual development and introduction,’ the Head of the Directorate for Housing and Communal Services of the Analytical Center Maria Shilina believes.

  • 8 september 2014
    Phased move to new system decisions is needed
    "Reserves of energy as they are currently used are nearly outspent and further growth needs a phased move to new system decisions considering modern innovations as well as important regional peculiarities and specifics", the expert of the Analytical Center Evgeny Gasho said at the international conference on urban energy in Ulan Bator.
  • 4 september 2014
    The Contest of projects on presentation of budget for the citizens of the Russian Federation was launched
    Analytical Center together with the Ministry of Finance and the Governmental Commission for the coordination of open government has announced an open Contest of projects on presentation of budget of the Russian Federation for the citizens. The purpose of the Contest is to find budget formats that are the most interesting and clear for any citizen.
  • 3 september 2014
    Experts discussed policies of public housing supervision bodies
    An expert discussion of the topical issues of policies of public housing supervision bodies following the introduction of the law providing a move to public regulation of managing appartment buildings with use of licensing mechanism and challenges accompanying the implementation of regional programs on capital repairs of appartment buildings took place in the Analytical Center.

  • 2 september 2014
    Analytical Center is proposing to get acquainted with the interesting facts of its history
    Analytical Center celebrates its 55th anniversary this October. From the 1st of September and up to the anniversary date every day you can read on Facebook about the interesting facts of the rich history of the organization.