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  • 24 march 2014
    Two sides of import duties
    The Analytical Center published a new bulletin on competition development “Import duties: barriers for competition development and protection of domestic producers”.
    The establishment of custom duties which constitutes an additional entry barrier for foreign producers to gain access to internal markets affects import volumes and price situation in domestic market. In its turn, competing with foreign producers becomes a guarantee for reducing production costs, modernization and increase in domestic production efficiency. This bulletin describes some possible effects of liberalization of import duties. It also includes usual news review.
  • 24 march 2014
    Costs for capital repair: growth source or new burden?
    The experts of the Analytical Center took part in the Russian National Workshop “State policy in the field of tariff regulation and reforming of public utilities organizations”.
  • 21 march 2014
    Electronic version will provide transparency
    The Analytical Center together with the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation held the roundtable “Innovative projects of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation in the field of social information systems in 2014. Electronic disability certificate”.
    During the roundtable experts discussed the main features of creation and implementation of “electronic disability certificate” system, as well as the main aspects of implementing the technology on “Personal office for beneficiaries of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation”.

  • 20 march 2014
    Professional community of energy auditors is consolidating
    The leaders of the largest associations of self-regulating energy auditing organizations held at the Analytical Center the First Russian National Conference in the field of energy audit. The experts discussed the existing constrains for a wide use of energy services in the industries and public sector, and they also made suggestions on increasing energy efficiency in different sectors of the Russian economy.
  • 20 march 2014
    Indicators of energy efficiency in the housing sector showed lower results than those expected in the state program “Energy efficiency and energy development”
    “Only a strong intensification and an expansion in number of measures needed to be taken in order to a better energy efficiency will allow to reach the targets set by the state program”, - said the Head of the Directorate for Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency of the Analytical Center Pavel Svistunov, speaking out at the Conference “Energy use and energy efficiency in the Russian housing sector”.
  • 19 march 2014
    Road services development increases economic regional potential
    The Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation together with the Rosavtodor held the second expert discussion of the Concept of road services development along highways of federal importance, approved by the Russian Ministry of Transport in November 2013.
  • 19 march 2014
    Growth points in the oil and gas sector
    “Introduction of a tax on financial results would become an important step towards competition development in the oil and gas sector”, - said the Head of the Directorate for Strategic Studies in Energy Alexander Kurdin, speaking out at the Conference “Current economic policy and key growth points of the Russian oil and gas sector”.
  • 19 march 2014
    What is needed for an effective internal financial control and audit?
    The Analytical Center hosted a roundtable “Organizing executive authorities’ internal financial control”, during which the experts discussed the optimal models for organizing executive authorities’ internal financial control, as well as the possibilities to develop and implement a Unified Classifier of Violations.

  • 18 march 2014
    How to manage multifamily apartment buildings
    «General meetings of residents of the multifamily apartment buildings must become an active tool”, - said the Head of Directorate for Housing and Communal Services of the Analytical Center Maria Shilina, speaking at the Conference “Management of the multifamily apartment buildings: repair and maintenance of common property, resource supply, calculation of payment for public utilities”.
  • 18 march 2014
    Private sector and social services
    The process of increasing the participation of private economic sector in the providing of social services presents severe difficulties and risks relating to each of the participants. The Article prepared by the experts of the Analytical Center presented in the magazine “Social Services” describes this case and other results of research on improving social services quality.