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  • 3 march 2015
    Experts consider restrictions on foreign purchases of transport equipment for state needs
    Experts of the Department for Competition Policy have examined the question of the ban on the purchase of transport engineering goods of a foreign production for state and municipal needs, which came into force on February 1, 2015. The measure is aimed primarily at import substitution in the public sector and stimulation of the demand for domestic civil engineering products. The bulletin analyzes effects and potential risks of the prohibition, as well as an assessment of its effectiveness and efficiency.
  • 3 march 2015
    Expert: the main thing for Ukraine is to survive during the next few months, waiting for the fall in gas prices
    "Backgrounds of the Ukrainian situation are very simple: a 20-year-old social and political crisis is at the heart of all conflicts, including political. They could not get out of it and during this time the GDP of their neighbors, Romania and Turkey, not to mention Poland and Russia, has increased by 3-4 times per capita. This is a fundamental point", said Leonid Grigoriev, the Chief Adviser to the Head of the Analytical Center speaking at the round table "Ukraine: latest agenda. Gas and more" at the Press Center of the agency "Rossiya Segodnya".
  • 3 march 2015
    Analytical Center creates a database of best practices of project management
    The Analytical Center has announced the launch of collection and distribution of best practices of project management in the contest "Project Olympus". The first step towards this task was a webinar in a series of "The best practices of project management in the public sector", which took place in late February.
  • 2 march 2015
    Enterprises should be ready for modernization
    Evgeny Gasho, the expert of the Analytical Center, took part in the chief power engineers’ meeting of the Udmurt Republic Association of undertakings
  • 2 march 2015
    Russia joining OECD’s arrangements on export credit is a significant step
    “When Russia joined WTO it removed the ultimate obstacle on the way towards OECD”, said the expert of the Analytical Center Inna Dudykina speaking at the workshop on mutual relations with OECD for the Economic Integration Sub-Committee for the Economic Development and Integration Government Commission.
  • 27 february 2015
    Potential for oil and gas companies procurements efficiency enhancement
    Experts of the Analytical Center Tatyana Radchenko and Alexander Kurdin spoke at the panel session of the Advisory Board on oil and gas sector companies cooperation with related industries for the State Duma Committee on Energetics.
  • 26 february 2015
    Russia needs new environment and socio-oriented economic model
    The presentation of the annual Report on human development in Russia "Human development under economic instability conditions" took place at the Analytical Center. Within one and a half decades the report was under the Program of development of the UN, and since 2014 its preparation and the edition is organized by the Analytical Center.
  • 26 february 2015
    Modernization of institute of Condominium Partnership in general is necessary
    "Discussing harmonization of legislation on property owners' associations and homeowners' associations we need to talk about the modernization of the Institute of Condominium Partnership as a whole", said Konstantin Shishka, the Adviser to the Directorate for Housing and Communal Services of the Analytical Center speaking at a roundtable on the harmonization of legislation on regulation the status of property owners' associations and homeowners' associations, organized by the Commission of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation on the development of social infrastructure, local government and housing in conjunction with the federal project "A School for a literate consumer."
  • 25 february 2015
    Actualization of licensing agreements should ensure the sustainable development of the economy
    The round table "Actualization of the licensing agreements for the right to use a site of subsurface resources as an instrument of anti-crisis policy in the energy sector" took place at the Analytical Center.
  • 20 february 2015
    Experts analyze the regulation of fuel and energy sector in Russia and abroad
    Experts of the Analytical Center have established a series of quarterly reviews on the regulation of the fuel and energy complex in Russia and in the world. The first review analyzes data for the IV quarter of 2014.