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  • 23 january 2015
    State long-term goals’ negligence under crisis is unacceptable
    Experts of the Analytical Center Tatiana Radchenko and Alexander Kurdin spoke at the Jubilee Scientific Conference "Lomonosov Readings-2015" on "The anti-competitive government policy during the recession: goals, mechanisms, results".
  • 22 january 2015
    Currently we lack state-owned companies purchase inspection mechanisms in electronic form
    The Analytical Center conducted a roundtable "On legal regulation of electronic platforms operators’ activities as part of the procurement by federal law №223-FL from July 18, 2011 "On the procurement of goods, works and services by selected forms of legal bodies".
  • 21 january 2015
    Energy service contracts entering will become easier
    The Analytical Center held an expert discussion on amendments to legislation aimed at energy services development in the housing sector.
  • 20 january 2015
    Discussion of trends in minerals' upstream
    On the threshold of the presidium meeting of the Presidential Council for Economic Modernization and Innovative Development of the Russian Federation the Analytical Center held a roundtable “Development and implementation of innovative technologies in minerals’ upstream”.
  • 16 january 2015
    Reasonable oil price p/b - $70-80
    “An economist’s advice is to make plans and set budgets based on the most reasonable price $70-80 p/b”, said the Chief Advisor to the Head of the Analytical Center Leonid Grigoriev speaking at the Gaydar’s Forum.
  • 12 january 2015
    Russia’s education challenges in the Analytical Center's bulletins
    The Analytical Center started to post information bulletins on the Russia's education state.
  • 30 december 2014
    The Analytical Center Wishes a Happy New Year!
    We say good-bye to the challenging year of 2014 and wish this coming year to be a good one!
    May this new year meet our expectations, fill our families with joy and love, and our homes with prosperity!
    Warmest thoughts and Best Wishes for a very Happy New Year and a wonderful Holiday Season!

  • 26 december 2014
    Experts consider international disputes settlement system reappraisal to be urgent
    "Today we will try to figure out why in the settlement of international economic disputes Russia is among the most backward countries, despite the fact that our school of law has always been a highly skilled" said the expert of the Analytical Center Professor Alexander Vylegzhanin opening the roundtable " Global practice of international economic disputes settlement”.
  • 25 december 2014
    It is necessary to strengthen net horsepower and information security in Russia
    The Analytical Center conducted a roundtable "Questions of international information security: shift in emphasis and priorities due to change in political and economic environment in the world".
  • 24 december 2014
    Infrastructure projects influence economy
    The Analytical Center conducted a roundtable "Realization of infrastructural projects in macroeconomic shock conditions: problems and prospects of metallurgical industry". Experts discussed metal products of infrastructural use pricing criteria and practices on their implementation in stability, possible adaptation and negative effects reduction mechanisms.