The Analytical Center awardes the first certificates of accordance with the new Russian state standard of project management

11 august 2016

The Analytical Center got the status of a regional project management certification center. The first 10 employees of the Analytical Center received training in project management in accordance with GOST R. Preparation for Certification and successfully passed the exam to get the "Project Management Standard" basic level certificates.

Awarding the certificates, the Deputy Head of the Government Administration/Director of the Project Management Department of the Russian Government Andrey Slepnev noted that demand for project management is growing constantly today, and it is import to be the first in this field. "I expect there is soon going to be competition for certified specialists as both federal executive authorities and regional governments in Russia are going to need them. We are creating a huge market so demand for these specialists is only going to be getting stronger," Mr. Slepnev summed up.

"You are the first people to get certificates based on our domestic project management system. Now you can professionally manage projects in accordance with Russian state standards," said the Head of the Analytical Center Konstantin Noskov, congratulating the pioneers.

The structured training course that was offered by the Analytical Center focused on project management and GOST R requirements for management of projects, programs and portfolios of projects.

PM Standard certification is being developed as a multi-tier system for ensure conformance to national certification as well as a modular system that ensures flexible adaptation to the requirements for the qualifications for various project roles and to specific industries. The creation of the domestic PM Standard certification system is a logical step in the development of project management in Russia. Russian specialists are naturally taking an active part in the development of international ISO projects but in practice, translated international standards don’t meet all the requirements of the Russian market so Russia also introduces its own state standards that better fit the priorities and specific features of project management in the country. At the moment the following standards have been developed: GOST R Project Management in Organizations.  General Provisions, GOST R Project Management System in Organizations,  Project Office, GOST R ISO 21504 -2016 Management of Project Portfolios, a standard identical to the international standard ISO 21504:2015.