"Proyektniy Olimp" (Project Olympus) Expands its Boundaries and Sets Records

10 august 2016

The Analytical Center reflects on the application phase of "Proyektniy Olimp" (Project Olympus) 2016, a competition for professional project management in the public sector. Summarizing the competition, it is safe to say that the topic of project management in the public sector becomes more and more relevant year after year: more than 170 competition applications have been submitted, an increase of 21 compared to the previous year.

Such an interest in the topic is easy to understand – the implementation of project management is going mainstream and the Council for Strategic Development and Priority Projects, recently set up by the President of Russia, serves as eloquent evidence.

The Organizing Committee notes that the regional authorities submitted twice as many applications as “federals” and the Northwestern and Siberian Districts joined the list of the most active districts from last year (the Central and the Volga Districts). Moscow, with 22 applications, and Saint Petersburg, with 11, are traditional leaders. The total number of applications submitted by participants from the constituent entities of the Russian Federation has gone up from 47 to 51 by the end of the year.

The competition is expanding not only its domestic coverage – Kazakhstan’s representatives have also submitted their applications; it is quite safe to say that Project Olympus is going global.

The competition is held in 9 categories. The most popular category is “Corporate Project Management Systems,” with 56 applications submitted, the “Organization and Functioning of Project Offices” category will be represented by 37 participants.

The special category of “Flexible Approaches towards Public Project Management” devoted to Agile and launched this year, has aroused strong interest: 11 applications have been submitted.

The jury has already started work and the names of winners will be voiced at the final conference on project management to be held on November 2–3 at the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation. To obtain further details and confirm your participation in the conference, please visit the competition website at: www.pmolimp.ru