We need a comprehensive project for expanding the tourism potential of the Baikal region

19 july 2016

“A comprehensive project needs to be developed to explore and develop the tourism potential of the areas around Lake Baikal, including Buryatia and the Trans-Baikal region. The project to renovate the town of Listvyanka should not be limited to the town itself, because developing Baikal on one side only does not really make sense,” said the deputy head of the Analytical Center Mikhail Pryadilnikov, speaking at a discussion of the Listvyanka settlement 300th anniversary project held as part of the events devoted to improving the investment climate in Irkutsk Oblast.

The anniversary will be celebrated in 2026 and experts are preparing two programs: one with minimal goals and one with maximum goals. However, at the end of the day the outcome will to a large extent depend on federal support. “It is important to define the systemic effect we want to get from the 300th anniversary of Listvyanka for the Irkutsk Oblast and the country as a whole,” Mr. Pryadilnikov pointed out.

Participants in the discussion included Irkutsk Oblast governor Sergey Levchenko, general director of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives Andrey Nikitin, the head of the Department for Institutional Development of the Analytical Center Tumun Tsydypov, Irkutsk Oblast entrepreneurs and representatives of the local expert community.  In their opinion, Listvyanka can serve not just as a gateway to Baikal but also as a center for modern tourism and green business, a point of attraction for innovative and educational resources.

As part of the scheduled events Mikhail Pryadilnikov also met with Irkutsk Oblast governor Sergey Levchenko to discuss ways to support the mono-city of Baikalsk and the introduction of project management in Irkutsk Oblast. The parties agreed to cooperate in these fields.