Participants of the Best Research Tools 2016 Contest Seek to Solve State Governance Problems

13 july 2016

“What is especially important to us is that the software solutions presented at the contest are designed for use by state authorities,” said Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Galina Chinarikhina, opening the "Rules of participation in the Contest “Best Research Tools - 2016”. “The chairperson of the contest panel is the head of the Department for Information Technologies and Communications of the Government Administration Vladislav Fedulov and it is an important issue because at the end of the day it is going to be representatives of state authorities who are going to pick the solutions that they find easiest to use as an aid in their decision making process.”

The Workshop was held for those who had already applied to participate in the contest organized by the Analytical Center as well as for prospective participants and was broadcasted online. Deputy head of the Department for Information Technologies of the Analytical Center Anatoly Karpenko, who developed the methodology of the contest, talked in detail about all of its stages, the thematic and technology-based nominations, how to fill out the application forms and about the work of the ranking expert group. “The experts are going to pick five participants in each nomination who will then compete against each other in the finals,” Mr. Karpenko said. “The expert group is going to make recommendations for the panel that is going to hold a meeting on December 20 to name the winner.”

Answering the questions put to him by workshop participants, Mr. Karpenko called their attention to the fact that all the contestants, even those that do not make it to the final 5 in their nominations, are going to be mentioned in the final report that is to be published in large numbers and disseminated both among federal and municipal state authorities and at sector events, maximizing the size of the target audience that is going to hear about them.

“One feature of the contest is that we are going to let startups participate in it on the same terms with well-established leaders of the sector,” Mr. Karpenko stressed out.  “The criteria were developed in such a way as to make assessment as objective as possible and completely transparent to all participants.” He also noted that contestants will be able to make necessary changes to the solutions they have submitted to the contest up until October 16 when evaluation of the applications is to begin, of course it is understood that only minor changes are allowed.

During the seminar, Mr. Karpenko talked about how to use the website of the contest while Ms. Chinarikhina focused on the expert events that are going to be held as part of the contest. Thus, the next event for the participants is scheduled for August 25. It is going to be a seminar or webinar that will be held after the first meeting of the panel and some innovations may be announced then.

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