Experts Discuss Regional Work on Promoting Competition

1 july 2016

The Analytical Center has held a seminar on “Promoting Competition in Regions: Results of Introducing Competition Promotion Standard in 2015.” The event comprised two sessions: the first one consisted of best practice presentations on promoting competition in the regions; the discussion in the second one focused on assessment results, which formed the basis for the rating.

“We hope that the detailed analysis we are about to do today will help you in your follow up work on promoting competition in your regions,” Tatiana Radchenko, Deputy Head of the Analytical Center, said opening the event.

Previously, in June, the Analytical Center published on its website the Heads of Regions Rating reflecting the level of promoting competition as at the end of 2015. The Rating became the first independent assessment made on the basis of reports on the implementation of the Competition Promotion Standard. The assessment was carried out using 2 key indicators: the number and effectiveness of measures implemented by local governments to promote competition. The rating was topped by Voronezh Oblast, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, and Khabarovsky Krai. At the bottom of the list were Ingushetiya, Rostov Oblast, Tver  Oblast, and the Republic of Crimea.

A reminder: on November 4, 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed Decree No. 705 on Performance Assessment of Heads of Regions Taking into Account the Indicator “Promoting Competition Based on Competition Promotion Standard for Regions of the Russian Federation.” According to Russian Government Decree No. 190-p dated February 10, 2015, the same performance indicator is used in the assessment of regional executive authorities.

The video of the event is available at the Analytical Center’s Youtube channel.