The competitive environment in the natural gas markets helps reduce competition between different kinds of fuel

24 june 2016

“Reliability and availability are the key aspects of competitiveness of natural gas when it comes to competition between different kinds of fuel, and both aspects are ensured by competition in the natural gas markets,” said the Head of the Department for Strategic Studies in Energy of the Analytical Center Alexander Kurdin, presenting a report on Developing Competition and Competitiveness of Europe’s Natural Gas Sector at the conference titled Prospects of Energy Cooperation between Russia and the EU in Berlin. Natural Gas Aspect.

The expert believes that natural gas producers should promote competition with each other in order to reduce competition between different types of fuels, and that it is for this reason that middle eastern oil producers are in fact competing against each other.

Market liberalization, development of infrastructure and emergence of new suppliers have seriously increased competition in the EU’s natural gas markets, but the consequences of this increased competition for consumers can be strongly mitigated by imbalances in retail markets, Mr. Kurdin noted.