Quest checks Moscow’s water and air

6 june 2016

On June 5 an Open Data Eco Quest was held in Moscow. It was a team competition whose participants collected important data about the state of the environment in the city. The players checked dozens of sorted waste collection points, took samples of water from 3 springs within the boundaries of Moscow and passed them on to the mobile laboratories of the Center for Laboratory Analysis and Technical Measurements of the Central Federal District, and assessed the quality of the air breathed by the employees of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the Leninskiy Prospekt (Leninsky Av.)

The information collected by the quest participants will help the Greenpeace Russia Recyclemap project and then be added to the open data of the Moscow Government on the quality of water in the city’s springs and wells. The updated data sets will be published on as the analysis of the spring water is completed.

It is symbolic that the event was held on the World Environment Day and Russia’s Ecologist Day. The quest was organized by the Analytical Center of the Government of the Russian Federation, Greenpeace and the Federal Service for Supervision over the Use of Natural Resources.