Open Data in Education will Optimize the Work of Universities

3 june 2016

“Open data in education are a modern development tool that can produce quick results if used properly. For example, such stationary facilities having to do with education as universities, campuses, branches could publish open data that can then be used to develop guide applications, virtual tours and standardized maps and signs for the properties,” said the head of the Department for Internet Technologies and Data Processing Yuri Linkov, speaking during the Development of an Open Education System and Academic Mobility of Students section of the Internet+Education Forum.

The expert is of the opinion that publication of functional, fast changing data such as the number of students, faculties, educators, candidates per place, grade point averages and attendance data, can also be of interest. This approach will eventually lead to an overall optimization of the business processes of higher education schools, allowing them to make better plans and forecasts and promoting more public supervision and transparency of processes, the trends we are already seeing in online education. Mr. Linkov went on to talk about educational applications such as that already use open data, such as financial information about various schools that can be accessed at, information about the Unified State Exam and student Olympics available from the portal of the Moscow government as well as information from user accounts (about who is attending which school and who enrolled in which university).

Whoever opens data first gets to set standards, the expert believes. Mr. Linkov also talked about how open data are used in education citing examples of France and Russia.