Russia’s New Energy Strategy to Simplify Dialog with Partners

2 june 2016

“The energy projects that Russia and China are planning to implement are well known: these include our key pipelines that we are expanding and reaching agreements about. And there should not be any surprises here; the only question is how long these projects are going to take and when it is all going to go online,” said Analytical Center expert Irina Pominova during a video-conference between Moscow and Beijing at the press center of Russia Today that discussed promising areas for Russian-Chinese cooperation.

The key issue is the timeframe and agreements but there is still uncertainty about both, the expert noted. “There are other initiatives for cooperation between the two countries but none of them have made much progress in the current environment of mostly negative trends. The sanctions imposed on Russia were supposed to have stimulated cooperation but that did not happen. I think it is all temporary and once the economy returns to growth, everything will get back to normal,” Ms. Pominova believes.

Speaking about new areas of cooperation with China, the expert noted the interest Chinese partners have shown in oil futures and privatization initiatives. Ms. Pominova believes that once Russia has passed its new energy strategy, the dialog with partners will get much easier.

In June 2016 the Russian president Vladimir Putin will pay an official visit to China. The video-conference was one of a large number of events organized in the run-up to the meeting between two heads of state.

See the video recording of the event on the website of the Russia Today’s Press Center.

Photos are the courtesy of Russia Today.