The Analytical Center Announces the Start of "Proyektniy Olimp 2016" (Project Olympus 2016)

1 june 2016

June 1, 2016 saw the start of "Proyektniy Olimp 2016" (Project Olympus 2016), a contest of professional project management in the public sector - an annual project that aims to support and disseminate the best practices of public sector project management.

Yuriy Trubitsyn, Adviser to the Head of the Analytical Center, noted that the goal of the contest is to support those organizations that actively introduce project management. “When we first launched the contest, there was practically zero interest in project management, and the number of people that practiced it was very limited, so we figured we had to give them as much support as possible and to call for attention of state authorities to project management,” the expert said during a webinar held on the June 1. The situation soon changed drastically, and today there is a clear understanding at all levels that project management is a most effective state governance tool, Mr. Trubitsyn believes. “In three years our contest has changed a great deal. Nowadays not only do we support pioneers but we also assess those who have been doing project management for a long time in order to identify the best practices,” the expert said.

The number of participants increases every year. In 2014, 102 organizations participated; in 2015, there were 149 organizations, and this year the organizers are expecting to see even more state authorities participating in the contest, especially given the fact that this time around Kazakhstan and Belarus representatives will be joining the contest.

Traditionally, federal and regional state authorities have been invited to take part, as well as state corporations, companies the state has a stake in and development institutions. "Proyektniy Olimp 2016 has the backing of the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and a number of other organizations that do project management at a professional level.

As has become a tradition, the contest will conclude with a conference on the practices of project management in the public sector, during which an award ceremony will be held for the winners, who will then be invited to speak on their methods for introducing project management. The conference will be held November 2 through 3 at the Analytical Center of the Russian government.

For more on "Proyektniy Olimp 2016" (Project Olympus 2016) visit the website.