Regions Continue to Develop Project Management Practices

31 may 2016

“At the moment project management has been widely recognized the world over and has become the main management tool both in the private and in the public sectors,” said the Analytical Center expert Margarita Kulina, speaking at the 6th international applied science youth conference on project management. “The main advantage of project management is that this approach ensures the required level of detail and transparency in management, thereby improving the quality of outcomes, reducing the time needed to achieve them and promoting better quality of interdepartmental cooperation.”

The relevance of project management has increased as Russia has been introducing a new budget planning principle based around targeted programs, Ms. Kulina noted. By November 2015, every region had set up project offices to improve the local investment climate. Now the regions have to each draw up a road-map, plan actions for each area where improvements need to be made, describe the project, and appoint a project manager to coordinate the time and resources of the project. To that end, the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration trained regional teams in project management and the best practices identified during the conduct of the National Investment Climate Rating in Russian regions.

Ms. Kulina reminded the participants in the conference that federal, regional and municipal authorities as well as organizations reporting to them, state companies, corporations and development institutions were invited to take part in the Project Olympus contest. The results of the contest will be tallied up and the award ceremony will be held at the traditional conference Practical Application of Project Management in the Public Sector that will be held at the Analytical Center of the government of Russia on November 2-3, 2016.

“In 2016 the contest is being taken to a whole new level: not only Russian organizations but also organizations from the CIS are being invited to take part: The Project Olympus found support in Kazakhstan and Belarus,” Ms. Kulina added.