In Order to Encourage Development of Russian Software, Open Data need to be Stimulated

25 may 2016

“Key consumers of open data are application and service developers that use them as a source of content to base their apps and services on as well as journalists and other interested parties who can carry out in-depth socio-economic and research studies based on ‘raw’ data,” said the Head of the Department for IT and Data Processing of the Analytical Center Yuriy Linkov, speaking at the IT+Sovereignty forum. “Sovereignty in this context means creating an ecosystem for the development of Russian software using public and private open data and assessing the risks posed by open data that have already been published and that are ready for publication.”

The Analytical Center studies public data as raw material for the development of Russian applications. Mr. Linkov believes that an interdependent mechanism emerges here in the sense if no open data get published, development of Russian software cannot be properly incentivized but the risks associated with the publication of open data must also be borne in mind.

“In practice what we are seeing is that there is no clear boundary between what kind of data has to be published and what kind of data needs to be kept secret.  There emerged in fact a new term, sensitive data, which refers to data whose use can do harm, for example, if they are interpreted incorrectly,” the expert said. “The solutions that are being proposed include auditing information resources and systems, creating processes for classifying data and developing methods for state authorities to properly manage their data.”

In addition, Mr. Linkov believes that it is vital that all the risks and vulnerabilities associated with the publication of open data be assessed, the approaches to such assessment be standardized at the state level and publication of open data be encouraged to stimulate the development of Russian software.