Fuel and Energy Facilities Need Improved Information Security

27 april 2016

“There are a lot of lessons that the Chernobyl incident taught us but chief among them, I believe, is that the operators were confident that the reactor would never blow up and that was why they allowed for that chain of errors and coincidences to happen. It was not just carelessness as had been the case on the Titanic, it was firm belief that the equipment they were working with was perfect,” said the Analytical Center's expert Evgeny Gasho at an international security conference held at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. “But the problem is that even the best equipment is never perfect and that is a fact that has to be appreciated in order to always be alert and ready to take action when time is running out.”

Speaking of measures to counter accidents and disasters, Mr. Gasho noted that “first of all, regulations and laws had to be passed to ensure information security of the automated process control systems used by fuel and energy facilities. These regulations must create mechanisms for managing information security as well as securing responsibility of owners for the fuel and energy facilities they own.”

Today, as the country is prioritizing energy efficiency while looking for ways to promote economic growth, the importance of honestly and professionally answering relevant questions can hardly be overestimated. It is important to understand the key role the energy sector plays in socio-economic development and in ensuring the country can remain competitive on the global arena and that solutions can be found to successfully tackle modern challenges, the expert believes. In his opinion, it is important to bust the myths and incompetent stereotypes in order to begin a science-based discussion about engineering solutions and priorities in the energy sector.

The Analytical Center was one of the organizers of the conference. At its conclusion, Evgeny Gasho was given a memorable medal together with the other Chernobyl veterans.