The Project Manager Professional Standard to Be Adopted This Year

22 april 2016

“Our goal is to popularize project management as much as possible and to share project management competencies with as many people as possible,” said the Head of the Analytical Center Konstantin Noskov at a meeting of the Expert Council of the Center for Assessment and Development of Project Management that was held before a discussion of the Project Manager professional standard.

Opening the discussion, the Head of the Department for Project Management in the Public Sector Olesya Safonova noted that the proposed standard is of utmost importance for the professional community, employers, and educational institutions, and that it has to be adopted this year. The new revision of the standard that takes into account expert opinions was presented by the chair of the SOVNET project management association Alexander Tovb. According to him, the main goal behind the standard is to quickly and efficiently train the highly skilled project managers the Russian economy needs.

Mr. Tovb noted that the standard was developed by volunteers on their own initiative and at their own expense, and had been discussed with experts on numerous occasions. At the moment the new standard is practically ready for submission to the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs and Industrialists and the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. The expert presented the logical structure of the standard that had been developed after previous discussions had been taken into account, and pointed out the qualifications group, project management and related skills that have to be acquired in order to meet today’s market requirements. Mr. Tovb also noted that the standard includes some behavioral motives. In his view, more work is needed to make the standard more user-friendly.

During the discussion the experts put forward their proposals for how to improve the standard. These included, for example, extending the period of training, expanding the list of required competencies, excluding the OKVED codes from the standards as they get revised on a periodic basis, including IT literacy skills in the standard and others. It was also noted that a customized version may need to be drafted for state authorities.

The experts believe that steps should be taken to popularize the notion that using the standard is beneficial.