Staff of Supervisory and Monitoring Agencies Need Targeted Retraining

19 april 2016

“To lay the foundation for a systemic modernization of the monitoring and supervision aimed at reducing the costs of business and the state, special staff retraining programs need to be implemented for the staff of supervisory and monitoring agencies,” says Tumun Tsydypov, Head of the Department for Institutional Development of the Analytical Center speaking at the international Yalta Economic Forum. The expert believes that training must focus not just on technical competencies relevant for specific industries but also on new principles of supervision.

Speaking at the session titled “Human Potential. Role of Modern HR Technologies in the Socio-Economic Development of Russia”, Mr. Tsydypov presented the proposals of the Analytical Center for how to retrain state civil servants employed by supervisory and monitoring agencies. The proposals had been developed as part of the implementation of the road map for improving the supervisory and monitoring functions in 2016-2017.

It is suggested that special attention be paid to the use of modern analytical tools to analyze and assess risks, plan and assess the quality of preventive measures and introduce a system for assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of supervision and monitoring. Equally important is the use of effective tools for supervision and monitoring, such as check-lists, remote monitoring, IT tools and others.

According to the expert the key categories of employees that need special retraining include the managers of supervisory and monitoring agencies, central administration officers in charge of making methodological and analytical decisions for key types of monitoring and supervision as well as line inspectors directly involved in monitoring and supervisory activities.

The forum also saw presentations of large scale investment projects that take into account the federal program for the socio-economic development of Crimea and the federal city of Sevastopol that was recently adopted by the government.