Management Model in Education Needs to Be Revised

28 march 2016

Irina Karakchieva, an expert of the Analytical Center, spoke in the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) at the Experts Panel on The System of Education and Its Role in the Development of the Russian Federal Subjects.

“Today, the system of education in secondary schools makes the teacher face new challenges. It is important to understand that today’s social environment sets new tasks before the system of education, and while the external requirements change, the internal demands of the system are not stationary either,” Ms Karakchieva explained. “Given the divergence of our regional situations and the multitude of factors in the social and economic development of the federal subjects, we have to admit that unified approaches to management in education are simply not working.”

According to the expert, the current disbalance in regional development is a testimony to the lack of balance in the overall system of management in education and calls for changes in the management model used in the country. Besides, the system of training and professional development for teaching staff must also transform in view of the current tendencies, which have to do not only with the growing number of students and the shrinking of the schools network due to restructuring and amalgamation, but also with the changing requirements to the professional level of teaching staff. Teachers need to take into account both the new federal government standards for education, and the growing number of students from socially deprived and needy families, as well as families of migrants in schools on the outskirts of large cities.

The system of incentives for teaching staff also needs to change as their workload increases. The planned introduction of professional standards for teachers also raises the issue of what is a worthy remuneration for a teacher, and this issue is relevant for the majority of teaching staff in the country as the growth rate of average monthly salaries for teaching staff in relation to average monthly salaries in Russian federal subjects in general is slowing down.

“Open and transparent monitoring in the system of education, developing independent assessment models for educational needs with the active participation of the professional community, would help create an important support system for making managerial decisions in education,” concluded the expert.

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