State is getting business engaged in education

17 march 2016

Nauchniy Zhurnal has published an article by Analytical Center expert Inna Karakchieva titled "International Experience in Promoting Public-Private Partnership in Education".

The article looks at foreign practices in promoting partnerships between state and business communities in education. The data cited show the trends and development prospects for the mechanism that can be used in public-private partnership in education, which were implemented through publicly funded programs and development strategies for the national education systems in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

One universally accepted approach today (including in the Russian Federation) is development of various mechanisms and forms of cooperation between state and business in education. The Russian President pointed out the importance of creating mechanisms for getting business involved in education at a meeting of the State Council of the Russian Education for the Development of Education in December 2015.

International experience suggests there are three basic mechanisms that have proved successful in promoting cooperation between state and business communities in education. These are social partnership, charity and public-private partnership. In the article, the expert looks in detail at each of the three mechanisms and at how they are used in different countries.

Analyzing the process of fostering cooperation between the state and business in education, Ms. Karakchieva concludes that there have been positive developments with getting private investors to put money in education as well as in updating the content of education programs, procuring better equipment for schools and improving the effectiveness of the efforts aimed at helping graduates choose future professions.

The main trend in education is expanding involvement of private business (capital) in state-funded projects with private companies occasionally both building and running new facilities. Most education services can generate benefits if business and the public sector join forces. Cooperation between state and business can happen within a broad variety of organizations with varying functions and objectives.