The Analytical Center looks at what was done in 2015

4 march 2016

800 expert reports, 173 events, over 50 published bulletins - the Analytical Center looks at what it achieved in 2015. In the spirit of transparency that we continue to uphold we have published our performance Report on our website.

So what was the Analytical Center's staff up to in 2015? First of all, we were busy supplying the Russian Government with relevant and quality information on a broad range of social and economic issues, preparing about 800 expert reports in the process.

In 2015 we significantly expanded our range of publicly available information and analytical products: we started publishing quarterly bulletins on social and economic issues, bulletins on the state of education in Russia, bulletins on Open Data and on global economy as well as bulletins tracking the economic crisis in the country. 

We also carried out large scale long-term research studies. The Analytical Center prepared and published a review of the Russian Fuel and Energy Sector in 2014, a report assessing the state of the competitive environment and forecast for what is going to happen in the Russian grain market. In mid-December we published a report on the development of human capital, a new chapter in a long serious of reports and studies that were formerly conducted under the auspices of the UN Development Program.

In 2015, we also continued to promote the Analytical Center as an expert venue for communication among federal and regional government authorities, expert organizations, representatives of business, public and research organizations. In 2015, the Analytical Center held 173 expert events that 8,037 people participated in.

Our team embraced new expert departments that allowed us to perform better work in areas we were already doing research in as well as conduct new studies in completely new areas of research: the Department for Macroeconomic Studies, the Department for State-Run Programs and Budgeting, the Department for Institutional Development. We created a strong project team focusing on transport.

For more on the Analytical Center’s activities in 2015 see the Report.