More needs to be done to get business more engaged with cloud services

3 march 2016

The Analytical Center held a Round Table “Using and developing cloud technologies to build digital economy in Russia”, where representatives of industrial, research and expert organizations discussed how Russian and foreign IT applications based on integrated approaches are being implemented to better utilize innovative technologies to start up federal projects, as well as reviewed some of the new platforms designed to produce apps as services that have become available in recent years.

“Cloud technologies have created a slew of new opportunities but not everyone is able to use them at the moment as often times there is a lack of understanding about how to integrate an organization’s existing IT systems with new ones,” believes Valentin Ivanov, a project manager at NPP Project-tekhnika CJSC. The expert also noted that at the moment a lot of companies are advertising services that are finding few practical applications. “Take smart healthcare for example. We are talking potentially about an expert system that can make recommendations and that can be used by polyclinics and other medical facilities as well as by end users. But no such system exists yet in practice,” Mr. Ivanov said. As for intelligent transport, those in the regions are not using solutions and systems that are already available in the market. “Ideally the state would be best served if it had access to standardized services but we are faced with a situation now where new solutions are getting ignored in the regions,” the expert explained.

Evgeny Petrov, a representative of AO RT Labs, talked in more detail about the intelligent transport system that is currently being deployed in the provinces. The expert noted that as the system was being deployed a problem was encountered having to do with the siting of the system and its subsystems in the regions. “Currently, all the hardware is sited on the premises of the end client and, as a result, we end up with no cooperation between the different players involved in the process of ensuring security and smooth running of cities,” Mr. Petrov explained. This problem can be solved by utilizing new cloud technologies, the expert is sure.

Vento Technologies CEO Pavel Zhazhin talked about the Internet of Things, a new approach that can help solve a large number of applied problems having to do with promoting retail, healthcare and power services. “You need to get information from sensors and then transmit and process it, and then your integration platform will easily build its Internet of Things,” the expert explained.

During the round table the experts noted that cloud analytics offers endless opportunities as it allows access to new products for reasonable prices. However, at the moment businesses are not really getting engaged with cloud services, so we need to be actively promoting them, the experts believe.


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