A New Methodology Will Assess How Active Public Authorities Are When It Comes to Publication of Open Data

29 february 2016

The Analytical Center has developed a draft methodology for assessing the publication activity of public authorities on the Russia’s Open Data portal. The data collected using the new methodology will be taken into account when various public authorities get rated on engagement with Open Data. The new methodology will look at the federal and regional executive authorities as well as Russian regions whose governments have been publishing Open Data.

The developers of the new methodology believe it will deliver better quality when it comes to tracking the number of published Open Data sets, assessing how much demand there is for different sets of Open Data, analyzing their quality and tracking the degree of adherence to Russian law with regards to publication of Open Data sets. Another benefit of the new methodology is that it is going to make the Open Data portal of the Russian Federation more attractive to potential users.

The Analytical Center initiated the development of the new methodology. Experts discussed the draft on January 19 during the Round Table Public Authorities: Typical Open Data Sets and Publication Activity. The recommendations made by the participants have already been taken into account in the new draft.

You can read the draft methodology on the website of the Analytical Center or on the Open Data portal and, if you desire, you can submit your proposals and recommendations on how it can be improved to Aleksey Shiryaev, the Adviser for the Department for Legal Expertise of the Analytical Center, at shiryaev@ac.gov.ru.

As experts clarified, a rating based on the new methodology will be compiled on a quarterly basis starting in April of this year.