Teaching Must Awaken Abilities

18 january 2016

11th Intra-regional Winter School ‘Teacher of the Year’ was held in Moscow supported by the Analytical Center for the Government of the RussianFederation. The event involved the best teachers in Russia (winners of regional and federal ‘Teacher of the Year’ contests) using their own know-how to teach the best pupils (winners of contests in different subjects, creative, research, and project competitions). The master-classes were attended by more than 200 people from 30 different regions in Russia.

Irina Karakchieva, the Analytical Center’s expert, took part both in the preparation phase and the event itself. 'The experience of organizing and holding the Intra-regional Winter School demonstrates the importance of the event not only for children, but also for professional associations, because it involves a continuous sharing and exchange of know-how and experience over the course of a few days,' Ms Karakchieva believes.

The expert is convinced that at present, when political and economic changes are under way, it is important to understand that education must rely on more than just the existing cultural environment, using it for teaching purposes, but it must be proactive in forming this environment and influencing the future development of society.

'Teaching must awaken abilities, and the ‘Teacher of the Year’ Winter School is first and foremost an educational project, which seeks to raise awareness of this need, as well as the need for improving the accessibility and quality of education. The teaching methods used here take into account the uniqueness of each personality, they help build respect while being quite practical (education is built around seeking solutions for social problems), which motivates and brings people together in a peaceful environment both for children and grown-ups,” Irina Karakchieva says.