More Efficient Rehabilitation for People with Disabilities

15 january 2016

The Analytical Center’s experts have looked into the situation with the rehabilitation of people with disabilities in Russia and drawn a sobering conclusion: so far, consistent across-the-board improvements in efficiency and effectiveness in this area have not been achieved.

This area of social responsibility in Russia is regulated by the Federal Law No. 181-FZ dated November 24, 1995 On Social Protection of the Disabled in Russia, which stipulates that assistance must be available to people with disabilities in various aspects: medical care, employment, social environment, social and psychological rehabilitation, domestic adaptation, physical therapy, sports.

The experts believe that at the moment, the goals and objectives of care for people with disabilities are out of kilter with what these people really need. This situation not only inhibits effective rehabilitation, but also results in inefficient spending of money allocated from the budget.  Experts also note a lack of standardized methodology for assessing the effectiveness of measures employed, a lack of continuity in the set of metrics in use today, and poor interdepartmental cooperation.  Methodology, information, and regulation frameworks supporting care for people with disabilities are also underdeveloped.

Measures included in relevant target programs that were implemented in Russia at the federal and regional levels in 2000-2014, helped to refine and introduce legal, organizational, and methodology approaches to rehabilitation for people with disabilities, as well as to enable the domestic industry to manufacture the required equipment. However, all this is not enough. The experts believe that the situation can be improved by developing and approving a government strategy for the rehabilitation of people with disabilities that would define the goals, objectives and key priorities, as well as long term targets at least until 2030. An equally important step would be a refinement of the Accessible Environment Government program and similar regional programs, experts are convinced.

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