Analytical Center Enhances Cooperation with Regions

25 december 2015

Participants of the meeting ‘Areas and Plans of Work with the Regions of the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation in 2016’ discussed the Center’s plans of cooperation with the regions, opportunities and formats of work for the benefit of the country’s social and economic development.

Leading experts of the Analytical Center and representatives of the regions taking part in the meeting discussed existing opportunities for resolving problems of interaction between the regions, as well as their communication with the center as far as new and promising areas of work are concerned. Currently,the regions admit that they lack platforms where they can raise issues with the federal center, propose initiatives, receive competent advice on development strategies or share best practices with their colleagues.

‘The Analytical Center needs to become a two-way platform,’ believes Oleg Voitenko, the First Deputy Head of the Analytical Center. It is particularly important in light of the new areas and methods of work that government bodies are currently seeking to introduce: project management, open data, etc. The Analytical Center has a number of proven methods and practices in these areas, as well as unique competencies in the area of developing regional strategies and implementation tools that could be useful for the regions.

In conclusion, representatives of constituent entities of the Russian Federation had a chance to ask questions and make suggestions about continued cooperation in the future.