Both Production and Efficient Use of Mineral Resources are Siignificant

18 december 2015

Evgeniy Gasho, the expert of the Analytical Center, spoke at the 5th Annual Energy Forum. ‘Our neighbours need various energy resources, not only oil and gas. However there is one need which is more pressing – we should learn how to use mineral resources in the most efficient way,’ said Mr Gasho.

According to the expert, the use of the whole potential of energy resources and disposal of water and carbon dioxide from end gas – these are technologies of the future, which will be of demand all around the world.

‘The energy sector is the sector which attains efficiency by cooperation of suppliers and consumers of energy, and tight cooperation is becoming more timely now when we are in the enormous resource crisis,’ said the expert.

The Analytical Center is constantly working on collecting technologies for energy-efficient city development, working on outlooks, taking part in the Russian Energy Strategy drafting, conducting round tables for all concerned.

The Forum participants denoted a world power market entry strategy and new sector growth points.