Experts on Human Development in Conditions of Economic Recession

15 december 2015

The Analytical Center hosted a presentation of the 18th Human Development Report. This is the second year the Analytical Center publishes the report under the editorship of Leonid Grigoriev and Sergey Bobylev, as previously the report was published by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). This year's report focuses on human development in the conditions of economic recession, and is unique, as it contains results of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of 2000 designed to be achieved by 2015 (the so-called ‘Charter for Humanity’), and sustainable development goals adopted in September, 2015 at the UN Summit.

‘This edition of the Report is unusual, as we are in the crisis now and therefore are in an unusual situation. Moreover, we have new global goals for human capital development,’ said Konstantin Noskov, the Head of the Analytical Center.

‘This is the fastest book in the world - 100 days from first chapters to this presentation, so the information in the book is relevant, as usually the lag accounts for a year or two. It consists of collected articles which provide a framework that allows us to get all events straightly,’ said the expert.

All authors of the book made presentations on their articles. The book contains 12 chapters devoted to sustainable development and analysis of the Russian state in macroeconomics, employment, health and education, income and household consumption, passenger transport, regional features and others.

This and other editions of the Report - in the Publications section.

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