Forming an Independent Performance Assessment System for Organizations Still Needed

9 december 2015

Inna Karakchieva, the expert of the Analytical Center, spoke at the meeting of the Commission for Cooperation with civil institutions of the Trade Union of Workers in Public Education and Science of the Russian Federation. ‘The Independent performance assessment of organizations of the public sector should include opinions of consumers and provide for possible participation of truly independent institutions,’ considers the expert.

In May Decrees of the President of the Russian Federation a task ‘ ensure forming an independent performance assessment of organizations providing social services, including defined performance criteria of such organizations and introduction of public ratings of their activities, together with civil organizations before 1st April, 2013’ was set. However, to date there are several barriers to the introduction and development of such a system in Russia: 1) lack of guarantees (no guarantees of independence of public councils and their status as a representative body of consumers, no objective consideration of public order in the system of performance assessment); 2) shortage of qualified and independent operators; 3) lack of information for the assessment (including public); 4) uncertain usage mechanisms of results obtained.

‘Following the analysis of development of the independent performance assessment in Russian regions, a list of risks, of different levels of development, but present in one form or another, is generated. Firstly, it is the presence of an independent performance assessment simulation, secondly, the duplication of a departmental assessment with the additional burden on organization and operators, thirdly, 'mixing' the independent performance assessment with low-quality ratings (where reporting dominates over analyzing), and the last one - the use of results for ‘punishments.’

According to the expert, to develop the independent performance assessment of organizations providing social services, an audit of available resources and a high level of development of the state and the public administration in a region, determining presence and quality of independent players (rating agencies, mass media, information holdings and so on) of Open Data, are needed. Yet, we should count on the strongest stand in the region, key trends - both in the region, in Russia and abroad.