All-Russian Summit ‘Open Data -2015’ to Start 10th December

9 december 2015

What happens to open data in the world? Why is it important to disclose them? What work in the field of open data is carried out in Russia? What are current examples of the use of open data? These and other questions will be discussed by leading experts of the open data sector at the All-Russia Summit ‘Open data – 2015’, which is held in Moscow on 10-11th December.

The Summit’s program consists of 16 round tables which will focus on open data in Russia and the CIS countries, ratings of the openness of federal and regional authorities, the use of open data in development of smart cities, presenting the budget, disclosing crime statistics and other society’s life spheres. Within the Summit the All-Russian Contest ‘Open Data – 2015’ will be summed up.

Experts of the Analytical Center have prepared a new issue of the Bulletin on open data specifically to the Summit, which presented results of a survey of the open data portal of the Russian Federation in terms of the efficiency of data publication by authorities. According to the analysis, the major data supplier of the portal is the Unified Interdepartmental Statistical Information System, and the share of open data posted by federal executive authorities, as of 2nd November, 2015, accounts for about 48%. The top three among federal executive authorities are: the Federal State Statistics Service with 671 data sets, the Federal Road Agency – 61 data sets and the Russian Energy Ministry - 42 data sets. Experts analyzed not only the publication activity of federal and regional authorities, but also quality and relevance of data posted.

More - in the Bulletin ‘Rating of publication activity of the open data portal of the Russian Federation.’

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