Belgorod Oblast – Among Leaders of Project Management in the Public Sector

2 december 2015

Olesya Safonova, the Head of the Department for Project Management in the Public Sector of the Analytical Center, spoke at the All-Russian Conference ‘Project management in the public sector: organizational peculiarities and the practice of use’ in Belgorod.

Before the plenary session Olesya Safonov had given a welcoming speech of Leonid Osipov, the Deputy Head of the Expert Department of the Russian Presidential Executive Office: ‘The Project format helps to achieve clear socio-economic benefits with efficient use of resources and time. Moreover, project management is a powerful tool of self-improvement, professional and personnel growth. Project technologies develop creativity in people, making them active partners in creative transformations. All these facts convince us of importance of wide use of project management.’

Ms Safonov also talked about implementation of best practices of project management in the competition ‘Project Olimp’. ‘Belgorod Oblast is among leaders of project management among other constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Last year, the Department of Internal and Personnel Policy of Belgorod Oblast won one of the nominations in the Contest ‘Project Olimp’. This year, the success was replicated, and it was the 1st in the category ‘Organization and activity of project offices in executive authorities and activity of project offices in executive authorities of constituent territories of the Russian Federation’. Another Belgorod finalist and winner in the category of project office is the Belgorod Institute of Education Development, which works on the project foundation,’ said the expert.