Level of Business Participation in Public-Civil Education Management Remains Low

30 november 2015

Inna Karakchieva, the expert of the Analytical Center, made a report at the International Forum ‘VIII People Investor 2015’. ‘Modern tools of Russian education management offer an opportunity for the business community to invest in the human capital and to form education initiatives; however this opportunity is used insufficiently. In practice the investment tool is the most widely used tool from the whole range of them. The level of business participation in public-civil education management remains low,’ said Ms Karakchieva.

The Government is taking measures to ensure equal access of state and non-governmental organizations to the children education system (of which finding and educating the most gifted pupils and students). However, it should be stated that the awareness on a variety of programs and services in education of both business organizations wishing to participate in the development of the education system of the country and of citizens remains low. The integration of the business, the state and the society is restrained by an inactive social order of the society, parents, children, considers the expert. In this regard, forming public-civil tools for monitoring the social order will bring together needs of the society, interests of the business and the Government policies, defining their relation, possible development scenarios and projected effects (both favorable and ‘shock’ ones) under different states of socio-economic situation in the country.

‘Another major problem which is a barrier to development of interactions between the business, the state and the society is the lack of an integrated system of the independent evaluation of the educational services quality,’ added Ms Karakchieva.

The project ‘People Investor: companies investing in people’ aims at identifying and disseminating the best models of socially responsible business operations. The report of Ms Karakschieva was a part of a special section ‘Investments in human capital and modern education’, organized by ‘Lift v budusheye’ and ‘Sistema’ JSFC.