Method for Creating High-Performance Workplaces to become More Realistic

24 november 2015

In order to overcome the crisis and turn to sustainable economic growth it is necessary to multiply increase the number of new high-performance workplaces which, on the one hand will correspond with modernization trends, and on the other will increase prosperity of citizens and payments to the tax system.

The Analytical Center of the All-Russian Public Organization ‘Delovaya Rossiya’ (Business Russia) proposed its methodology of estimating the quantity of high-performance workplaces. According to its Head Anastasia Alekhnovich, the increasing number of high-performance workplaces is noted with the background of the decreasing total of employed, which is a good sign.

The methodology was discussed at the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation. The discussion was moderated by the Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Vladislav Onischenko. According to the methodology, all calculations are made on the basis of tax reporting data which is a recognized global approach and the most accessible tool in conditions of the incomplete data reporting of Russian companies. When this approach is used the performance rates’ overstating for the whole economy is impossible as calculations ignore costs of intermediate goods.

According to experts, each sector has its own specification, even though calculations are made in both sectoral and geo cuts, the methodology should include specific conceptual approaches, which will be used by experts to develop their own, more specific parameters. Altogether, experts have approved the methodology and proposed some updates.