New Guidance Document to Adjust Existing GOSTs

18 november 2015

A Conference 'Adaptable Methods in State Projects' took place at the Analytical Center; possibilities of creating modern, high-quality and functional IT products in state projects using best international practices in the field of software development processes (Agile, Lean), creating its quality (Quality assurance and Quality engineering) and flexible management of IT infrastructure (DevOps) were discussed.

The IT community widely believes that existing approaches to processes of software development, which are used in the public sector and are based on the classic 'waterfall' model (GOST series 34th and 19th), are not the best way to create IT solutions. This very topic was a central part in the discussion that took place at the event.

Experts discussed new and existing approaches to software development, reviewed the domestic and international experience in the field and formulated a number of proposals on the rational use of the existing legal framework and adaptation of it to new realities. Reports covered issues of applying agile methods in the development of state projects, the order of creation of technical documentation, features of contractual obligations, enhancing the quality of developed IT products.

Participants agreed on the need to develop a guidance document at the federal level, which will summarize best global practices in organizing agile software development processes and creating quality and management of infrastructure. At the same time, experts believe that the new document should complement and expand provisions of existing GOSTs series 34th and 19th, and not replace them.