The System of Finding Gifted Children Needs Update

17 november 2015

The expert of the Analytical Center Inna Karakchieva spoke at the Russian Research-to-Practice Conference on problems of working with gifted children 'Implementing the Concept of the national system of finding and educating young talents: competent education practices as the basis for the formation and setting of the record-breaking goals.'

'The Concept of the national system of finding and educating young talents, including a plan of action and responsible executives, cannot be implemented without defining common approaches - both to concepts of 'gifted' and 'talented' and mechanisms of finding and educating young talents. At the present time, the focus on substantive talent continues to dominate, but the percentage of children studying in depth individual classes does not exceed 10%. In fact, the proportion of gifted and talented children is significantly higher,' said the expert.

According to Ms Karakchieva, it is important to take into account the increasing role of the private sector in this area. Gifted children, talented young people are considered to be a stabilization fund of the company, and our future depends on how society relates to its strategic resources.

Ideas to attract business into the system of finding and educating young talents were discussed at the Conference. However, we must understand that not only the revision of the legal and regulatory framework of the education system, the financial and economic justification of the necessity of the introduction of a new mechanism, but also the assessment of possible risks are necessary for the implementation of economic mechanisms.

Inna Karakchieva also took part in the discussion at the round table devoted to the analysis of the current practices of finding and supporting young talents and expressed a position on the need for changes in the normative and legal regulation of this sector.