Expert: we need at least two lines of 'Turkish Stream'

16 november 2015

The Head of the Department for Strategic Studies in Energy of the Analytical Center Alexander Kurdin took part in the annual CIS & TURKEY OIL & GAS TRANSPORTATION CONGRESS in Istanbul.

Mr Kurdin analyzed alternative possibilities of the oil and gas export from Russia through countries of southern Europe under new political and economic conditions. 'Taking into account the planned exit of the Ukrainian GTS from the gas transit we need at least two 'Turkish Stream'  lines. There is also a need in the development of new routes  of the oil transportation from the Black Sea basin. However, the impact of geopolitical factors on the implementation of projects should be limited both from the European and the Russian sides,' said the expert.

The Congress  is traditionally dedicated to the wide range of political and economic issues in the field of the hydrocarbons export from the CIS countries to Europe but this year the special emphasis is on the transit of energy sources from Russian and the Caspian region countries, in particular through Turkey. The reason is obvious: the possible termination of the Russian gas supply through Ukraine and the cancellation of the project 'South Stream' with its replacement by the project 'Turkish Stream' force to consider closely the perspectives of a new 'gas hub' in Turkey.

Mr Kurdin also took part in the panel discussion 'New Opportunities for Cooperation'

The issue with implementation of the project 'Turkish Stream' was one of the key topics for discussion at the meeting of presidents of Russia and Turkey in Antalya. As it is reported with a reference to the Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak,  Mr Putin and Mr Erdogan discussed general, conceptual things. The actuel work on implementation of the project will be continued as soon as the new Government will be elected in Turkey in December.