Project Management is Not a Tribute to Fashion But an Urgent Need

5 november 2015

Olesya Safonova, the Head of the Department for Project Management in the Public Sector of the Analytical Center, took part in the 10th International scientific-practical conference of students and young scientists 'Models, systems, networks in economy, technology, nature and society.'

Speaking at the plenary session of the Conference on 'Role of project management in the strategic planning', Ms Safonova emphasized that - 'in conditions of unstable economic development the role of project management in strategic planning increases. It is not a tribute to fashion, it is a necessity, a need to strengthen efficiency and transparency of public authorities in Russia. The Contest 'Project Olimp' is a proof to that.'

The expert talked about priorities for the implementation of project management and about main results of the contest of professional project management in the public sector 'Project Olimp - 2015.'

Implementation of project management methods is defined by one of key tools for improving the efficiency of the Government and executive authorities, as reflected in the Basic Guidelines for activities of the Government of the Russian Federation and in the Order of the President of the Russian Federation for establishment of project offices to improve the investment climate in the constituent entities.