Expert: strategy of the innovative development of Russia up to 2020 is not a management tool

2 november 2015

'The strategy of innovative development of Russia up to2020 is not a management tool,' said the Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Vasily Pushkin, speaking at the All-Russian Forum ‘Development strategy of regions of Russia: the territorial marketing.’

We know in theory how the strategy is planned: goals and criteria for management are set forth, external environment is analyzed, key indexes of effectiveness are determined, strategic plans for the development are elaborated. What exactly does happen in practice? When people elaborate strategies, in particular regional strategies, they think of money: the more money will be allocated from the federal budget, the more extra-budgetary funds will be raised, and they do not take into account a lot of factors: from the interrelation of key performance indicators to strategy implementation arrangements up to the unified terminology within one document,' said the expert.

In the Analytical Center the analysis and the monitoring of the Strategy of the innovative development of the Russian Federation up to 2020 were conducted and its problematic areas were determined, namely lack of resources, the connection between indicators and arrangements inside and outside of this strategy and absence of monitoring system. 'In fact, we with a community of experts reached the conclusion that the current strategy of innovative development is not a management tool. It is noteworthy that in 2013 experts of the National Research University 'Higher School of Economics' reached the same conclusion as well.'

The Analytical Center offers not only to take into account state programs, federal and regional target-oriented programs, but also to track results of the strategy implementation in a mandatory manner, when developing a strategy. It is desirable to do it in public involving experts and the organization of discussions. 'In the context of the Strategy of innovative development such public resource may become 'a showcase of the Strategy of innovative development.' In addition, the perspective direction is the usage of clear data for the release of additional resources (in the event, when the business provides services for citizens at the basis of open data) and for the monitoring of the situation as for its indicators,' said Mr Pushkin.

Ministers of Economy of regions of the South, the North-Caucasian and the Crimean federal districts, Heads of branch ministries, heads of municipal formations, representatives of business and expert communities took part in the Forum 'Development strategy of regions of Russia: territorial marketing.' Issues brought to the agenda regarding effective strategic planning, the increase of the competitive ability of regions, the creation of brand-territories, etc. are actual not only on the regional scale, but also on the all-Russian scale.