Energy Efficiency Requires Intense Cooperation of the Government Bodies

2 november 2015

The expert of the Analytical Center Evgeny Gasho took part in the 15th Transregional Forum 'Energy efficiency – strategical vector of development.'

Mr Gasho was the moderator of the plenary session 'Energy efficiency - driver of the competitive economy.' In his introduction word he emphasized that energy saving is inter-disciplinary and here not the competition is important but the intense cooperation of federal executive bodies. 'Reasons of our certain inefficiency differ from the one abroad. Our energy consumption is higher than the European one not 5 times as it is commonly considered, but only 1,5 times. That is why we should rely on our own forces, human resources and effective practices.'

Mr Gasho also talked about the works of the Analytical Center in the sphere of energy saving and in particular about the recently prepared report 'Assessing perspectives and viability of the transfer of constituent entities of the Russian Federation using the oil products for the heat supply to the local and renewable sources of fuel.' Such transfer in many municipal formations has its economic potential, however each case shall be considered separately with the performance of the analysis of the availability of energy resources and infrastructural limitations on the regional and municipal level. The presence of the local types of energy in the region does not always testify the economic viability of their use, according to experts. However examples of some investment projects show that the transfer from the oil products to the local and renewable types of energy allow to receive the saving on total costs of the boiler due to the reduction of costs on fuel, as well as the saving of the allowance for the region due to the reduction of an economically justified tariff.