Project Management is an Important Tool for Provisioning of Effective Public Development

29 october 2015

The Conference ‘Practical Application of Project Management in the Public Sector’ took place at the Analytical Center. It accomplishes the Contest professional project management in the public sector 'Project Olimp.'

Opening the event, the Head of the Analytical Center Konstantin Noskov reminded that the similar contest was held at the Analytical Centre a year ago. 'This year a lot more people are participating in the Contest, the Contest is developing. It is more a tradition than an initiative now,' said Mr Noskov.

'Project management is becoming more popular year after year, and interchange of experience is a key task that is performed thanks to this event,' said the Director of the Department of Economy and Finances of the Government of the Russian Federation Valeriy Sidorenko. The official specified the importance of the establishment of project offices, stressing out that this issue is under control of the Government. 'Next year we will ask federal authorities to establish project offices and participate in the development of competitive environment in other regions,' said Mr Sidorenko.

The plenary session of the Conference was dedicated to the practical application of project management in the public sector. The President of the Project Management Association 'SOVNET' Alexey Polkovnikov supposes that project management was originated in the public sector on its own. The expert specified 3 areas for project management application: large-scale, priority projects, conversion programs and project-oriented activities of organizations. As to the level of projects, they are divided into public, regional, municipal and internal projects. Mr. Polkovnikov also mentioned the international experience. 'At the moment people are citing the UK as an example, where the Priority Project Department was established in 2011 (Major Projects Authority). It is similar to a project office that supports of managing projects, forms and develops competences in the scope of project management and program management, trains leaders and makes the independent assessment,' reported the expert. Similar projects are created in Japan, the USA and other countries. The expert is sure that project management is an important tool for provisioning of the effective public development  

Within the plenary session representatives of the Russian Pension Fund and the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration made reports. The Deputy Chairman of the Managing Board of the Pension Fund of Russia Nikolay Elistratov specified the high-grade significance of the project management implementation into the business activity of the Pension Fund. 'The effect of the system development is in increase of transparency, reduction of servicing terms and rendering of new services,' said the expert. The representative of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration proposed to certify the public sector work force in the sphere of project management, as well as to teach it best practices.

Moderating the panel discussion 'Implementation of roject management in public authorities. Difficulties on the first step', the expert of the Department of Economy and Finances of the Government of the Russian Federation Pavel Shestoalov specified that project management is not an instruction, but an effective management tool. The Deputy Head of the Governor’s Administration Office of Perm Territory Serhey Yurpalov agreed with him and informed that 'it shall not be enforced, but shall be cultivated,  so the main role must be played by the Governer, who shall set targets in all management fields and determine ways and means to solve these tasks.' There are some Governers, who are not interested in the development of such projects, and it is the main problem of the project management implementation, according to experts. In the scope of this discussion some arguments were mentioned for the project management implementation in regions, among them is a responsibility personification system for achieving all goals and the system of achieving all goals in the scope of the effective development.

The awarding of winners of the Contest on professional project management in the public sector 'Project Olimp' happened in the late afternoon.

The Contest ‘Project Olimp’ is organized by the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation in cooperation with the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations, ’SOVNET’, PMI, the Project Management Assessment and Development Center, the National Research University Higher School of Economics, the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

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