We have All Possibilities to Implement Energy-Efficient Technologies

22 october 2015

Evgeny Gasho, the expert of the Analytical Center, moderated the plenary session on the Forum ‘Municipal investments: Baikal accent.’ He talked about the joint work of the Analytical Center and RAESCO on implementation of tasks that the country faces in the field of energy efficiency. ‘We have domestic equipment, experts and the desire to act. There are various projects and ideas of new projects. Our task is to consolidate them to move forward together!’ said the expert.

Mr. Gasho also reported on the publication of first issues of the Bulletin of the best implemented projects in the field of energy conservation and increase of energy efficiency by the Analytical Center.

The investment Forum ‘Municipal investments: Baikal accent’ was first held in Irkutsk and was organized by the Government of the Irkutsk Region together with the Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation, the Russian Association of Energy Service Companies (RAESCO) and the Association for Regional Development. Representatives of the Government and ministries of the Russian Federation, large companies, energy service companies, as well as experts from the municipalities of the Irkutsk region participated in the Forum.