Handbooks of Best Available Technologies may be a Tool to Increase Energy and Environmental Eefficiency

16 october 2015

The Expert of the Analytical Center Evgeny Gasho took part in the main event of the week of the Moscow Government Environmental - V International ECO Forum, where problems of metropolitan cities, their solutions and the formation of ecological thinking in modern environmental conditions were discussed.

Speaking at the plenary session, Evgeny Gasho drew attention to  real reserves of energy saving and environmental efficiency of the urban economy. The expert talked about the diagnosis of the current situation and changes in district heating systems, gave an assessment of the efficiency of campaigns on the development of district heating schemes and outlined  contours and principles of the new power structure. ‘Today, the dialogue is important - not just to express a point of view but to hear  opinions of experts from various fields, consumers and the public on the issue of heating as a basis for sustainable development of the country,’ said Mr Gasho.

The expert drew attention to the fleet of vehicles, which is becoming a major polluter of the urban atmosphere. He talked on the issue in the section devoted to  problems of increasing the efficiency of fuel and energy sector and housing and communal services of Moscow. ‘It is important to get engaged in active information policies. Energy workers and industrialists should talk more actively about their achievements in the environmental area, in particular - on the optimization of modes and reduction of emissions. For instance, to talk more actively about solving the problems with emissions of TPP,’ said the expert.

Mr Gasho is sure that handbooks of best available technologies can become the main tool for improving the energy and environmental efficiency, and the Analytical Center, where a Round Table 'Procedures of the Russian Fuel and Energy Sector’s Transition to Best Available Technologies’ Foundation' took place on 19th October, is ready to be the platform for public discussions of  documents and the integration of ideas on the issue.