Russian Railroads Need Customer-Oriented Innovations

14 october 2015

On 8th October Svetlana Ganeeva, the Analytical Center's Deputy Head, spoke at the expanded meeting of the scientific and technical council of the JSC "Russian Railways". Participants of the meeting discussed the draft strategy of innovative development of railways in the period up to 2020 - the "White Book" of the "Russian Railways". The document regulates the strategy of innovative development of the company and includes 12 directions of scientific and technical issues to be solved by the "Russian Railways".

In her speech Svetlana Ganeeva emphasized that technical innovations should be used to solve customer problems. 'Сertain specifications of cars and locomotives are certainly important, but it is necessary to understand how the change of those or other characteristics will affect the speed of goods, timely delivery and other problems faced by shippers,' she said.  

According to the expert, compilers of the "White Book" might take into account data on shortcomings in the work of the railroad transport, identified following the results of the survey of shippers. Respondents noted the complexity of transportation documents, lack of an integrated service of transport services and a single person responsible for the execution of the transportation order, low qualification of management staff, high transport tariffs, limited types of rolling stock and its late submission. Innovations, including the management, have to solve these problems, considers the expert.