Energy Efficiency Policies Differ in Regions

7 october 2015

The"Energeticheskaya Politika" Journal published a study of the Analytical Center's expert Evgeniy Gasho on updates of the regional energy policy.

Indeed, why do some regions pick up steam on the path of 'energy-efficient development', while others lag behind more and more? Is this fatal or a region has the opportunity to actively shape its policy in the field of energy preservation and increase of energy efficiency even in the current difficult economic conditions?

Evgeniy Gasho and co-authors analyze in details differences between regions, introduce the concept of "energy-efficient development vector", trying to "draw the outlines of it" and mechanisms for different regions.

This approach becomes even more actual in the light of the adoption of the latest Energy Strategy - 2035, which was recently discussed at the Analytical Center. Energy preservation was declared to be the key idea of the announced Strategy, the core of all the five strategic initiatives on which it relies.

Study “Regional energy industry: new trends and approaches.”