Expert: Open Data Increase Investment Attractiveness of the Country

6 october 2015

Open data provide additional investment attractiveness through greater transparency and accessibility of information, according to Vasily Pushkin, the Analytical Center's Deputy Head. Participants of the round table "Disclosing the data. What can the state give for development of business and society" that took place on October 3 at the International Investment Forum "Sochi-2015", talked about this and other matters.

"As year after year, more and more enterprises using open data, demands to the quality of data published by authorities, including their completeness, clarity, reliability and availability, increase," Mr. Pushkin considers. All this allows us to talk not only about the impact of open data on the internal efficiency of enterprises, but also on their effect in the external environment, which consists primarily of the provision of new services and through them - the improvement of the quality of life of ordinary citizens, according to the expert. In this context, such areas as education, health care, real estate, public safety and transportation actively "work". In addition, you can talk about the improvement of the efficiency of the public administration at the expense of systematic work with the data, the use of modern technologies for their collection, storage, processing and analysis, which is important for all levels of the Government.

According to a member of the Expert Council under the Government Yekaterina Shapochka, it is necessary to improve the quality of information disclosed by the Government agencies, as well as to encourage the state-owned companies, in particular, natural monopolies to disclosure of information. "There was an impetuous leap in terms of disclosure by public bodies, but so far we have not reached a critical mass in terms of their relevance. For example, data are not timely updated. Few companies are willing to use data for analytics. It is necessary to support and nurture them," she said.

The All-Russian contest "Open Data" which is held under the auspices of the Analytical Center, the Open Government under the Russian Government, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Communications, will contribute to this, experts believe. Its results are planned to be summarized in December, and the intermediate selection stage - the Hackathon - will take place on October 10-11.

To date, Russia has uncovered more than 5,000 sets of data, more than 1500 sets of them are at the federal level. More than 200 applications are created on their basis, whereas the "roadmap" provided that in 2015 there will be only about 70, and in 2016 - 150.

Video of the roundtable "Disclosing the data. What can the state give for development of business and society"

Photos were provided by the Open Government.