Analytical Center will assess the demand of the business society for open data

5 october 2015

The meeting of the working group on open data, where the international expert in the field of open data Mr. Joel Gurin presented his report “Open data for business”, designed to answer the questions about the benefits and the need of open data for society, was held at the Analytical Center.

The meeting of the working group was a logical continuation of the roundtable “Revealing the data. What the state can give to business and society for their development” organized by the Analytical Center on October 3 in Sochi. Mr. Gurin presented to the Russian experts who deals with open data his report “Open data for business” that was prepared in 2015.

During the lecture Mr. Gurin told what the open data are, how they are associated with big data, why open data are necessary to the private sector and what is the potential economic impact of the disclosure of the data required by business. The expert also mentioned that open data development started 10 years ago for providing the transparency of the public authorities’ activity and for involving the society in this process. “Open data is any publicly available data. At the same time they must be machine-readable and have an open license” - reminded Mr. Gurin. According to him, the data can be used both for commercial and non-commercial purposes. “Open data - a good support for business, the fuel for new companies”, - the expert believes. According to him, one of the main challenges for the business is a large number of non-machine-readable data, i.e. data with poor quality. But at the same time, the data can be used for competitive advantage, namely - to improve them and to begin to apply, specified Mr. Gurin. In addition, companies have the opportunity to talk about the fact of using the open data, and this is an advantage, the expert believes.

Mr. Gurin also represented a methodology of assessment of the demand for open data by business Open Data for Business Tool (OD4B), prepared by the World Bank. In Russia it is planned to launch the experiment this Autumn. The project will involve experts from the Analytical Center, and the results will be represented during the All-Russian Summit “Open Data” in December 2015 in Moscow.

For reference: Mr. Joel Gurin is a leading international expert on open data – free accessible public information that facilitates economic growth, development of science and innovations. President and founder of Center for Open Data Enterprise, non-commercial organization with head-quarters in Washington that promotes use of open data for achievement of economic and social effects. Author of the book “Open Data Now” (Open Data Now, McGraw-Hill, 2014).