It is time to move from accumulation of published sets to construction of information management system in work with Open Data

25 september 2015

A webinar and a presentation on the subject ‘Open Data Use Efficiency” were carried out at the Analytical Center. Experts talked about development of the open data system as of one of the key areas in the field of improving state and municipal administration by improving the transparency and accountability of public authorities as well as the IT development in Russia.

Experts reminded that the process of disclosure of state machine-readable data was initiated by the Presidential Decree "On the main directions of improving the system of state administration" of May 7, 2012. According to provisions of the Concept of the Open Government passed by the RF Government on January 30, 2014, the 'Open Data' concept is considered as the most convenient format for searching, processing and further use of open, publicly available and reliable information.

The First Deputy Head of the Analytical Center Vasily Pushkin while opening the event noted the increase of interest in open data.  The expert talked about events that are planned to be held up to the end of the year. “We initiated a Contest on Open Data, where Open Data help create applications and services. I hope that we will manage to receive 100 applications created on the basis of Data of the federal, regional and municipal levels until the end of the year,” Mr. Pushkin said. Besides that, on October 10-11 Hackathon #2 will be held, and on December 10-11 the All-Russian Summit “Open Data – 2015” will be held in Moscow.

Galina Gradoselskaya talked about results of research – polling of targeted audiences about problems and perspectives of development of Open Data in the Russian Federation. The Poll was carried out via questionnaire that consisted of 5 blocks: operational situation data segment, efficiency of realization, mechanisms development tools, possibilities and issues of use. 68 federal and 54 regional officers and also 21 developers were polled from May to July 2015. “The misconception of the fact that published data can be used in work of state structures and authorities by officers is one of the most important factors of low speed of development of Open Data in the country. There is a large gap in the consciousness of officers between obligation to publish data descended from “above” and lack of understanding of benefits from access to them. According to the expert, the idea of receiving information via Open Data sources still faces resistance even among officers-publishers. The expert is sure that it is necessary to develop and implement a new position in state structures related to analysis of data in the state. Besides that, Mr. Gradoselskaya emphasized that development of open data sources in Russia had reached the level when it is time to move from accumulation of published data sets to construction of information management system.