Experts of the Analytical Center on New Ways for Updating the Mechanism of Additional Actions in the Field of Population Employment

22 september 2015

Experts of the Analytical Center released a social bulletin "Implementing additional actions in the field of population employment, aimed at easing tensions in labor markets of the Russian Federation." The bulletin contains generalized results of the study of implementation of additional actions in constituent entities of the Russian Federation in 2009-2014 and proposals for their update.

According to experts, the analysis showed that additional activities in conjunction with other measures aimed at promoting population employment in the framework of state and regional target programs in 2009-2014 helped easing tensions in regional labor markets. The implementation of additional actions made it possible to expand the list of categories of recipients of public services for promoting employment, types of services, as well as to attract new sources of financing - subsidies from the federal budget to the budgets of constituent entities.

Experts detected reserves and elaborated some proposals for the period of 2015-2016. These proposals are designed to further update of the mechanism.

Moreover, the further analysis of the efficiency and effectiveness of regional programs, financed by the federal budget in 2015, is necessary, according to the experts.

The analysis suggests the use of the following having potential: the rate of consumption of budget per an unemployed (the International Labor Organization’s (MOT) methodology), and the cost per a registered unemployed - in budgeting of regional programs / additional activities; the rate of consumption of budget per a participant of additional activities - in assessing the effectiveness of regional programs / additional activities in the reporting year;  the method of the correlation analysis in assessing nature and tightness of specific rates of budget spending and performance rates of regional programs / additional activities.

The experts write that more effective regional programs / additional activities may be achieved by, at least, improving the accuracy in determining the list of additional activities, the number and the list of participants, which most accurately consider the state of regional labor markets in the planning year, as well as by increasing the validity of evaluating costs of implementing certain additional activities and regional programs as a whole, that is, their more relevant budgeting.

Please read the full Bulletin “Implementing additional actions in the field of population employment, aimed at easing tensions in the labor markets of the Russian Federation” here.